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Did You Know…

In our last Speak Out gathering Lynn mentioned that she would like to bring back the “Did You Know” feature in the Library Gazette. The main reason she would like to see it brought back is the fact that several new folks have come to ZSR Library and did not get a chance to submit a Did You Know article. Therefore, I am submitting mine. Did you know…

I have been married for 8 years and have 3 daughters.

I lived in Cleveland, OH for 2 years and then in Boston, MA for 5 years before returning to NC.

I studied Hebrew, Talmud and Torah at the Cleveland College of Jewish Studies and also Kabbalah at Aish HaTorah in Cleveland, OH for 2 years.

I like mountain hiking.

I drive a black Ford Taurus nicknamed Nellie Bell.

I am a social butterfly who enjoys conversation.

5 Comments on ’Did You Know…‘

  1. Mary Beth

    Interesting that you tell us the name of your car, but not your wife or daughters!

  2. Julia Bradford

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Craig

    What’s the name of your mountain bike?

  4. Lynn

    I would not have guessed the social butterfly part!

  5. Mary R.

    It is a joy to see your smiling face every morning!