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First ITC Filmstudio project now showing

Wake Forest undergrads Corinne Ung, Alana Wilson, Aaron Green, and Marshall Milliken completed the first video project in the ITC Filmstudio late last week. After two days of filming and over six additional hours worth of editing and compiling, the students, with assistance from ITC, created an evening news program for a Spanish class project. Utilizing the green screen setup in the Filmstudio, the students anchor their newscast in front of a Mexico City skyline, conduct an interview in an office setting, and even appear live on location as a street brawl breaks out in the background, each scene created right here in ZSR. Below is the final product, please watch and enjoy!

A special thanks to Corinne Ung, Alana Wilson, Aaron Green, and Marshall Milliken for allowing us to show this video online, as well as to IS, Rick Matthews, and Yip Ching-Wan for making this Filmstudio a reality. We hope to see even more creative use of our facilities in the future.

4 Comments on ’First ITC Filmstudio project now showing‘

  1. Mary Beth

    Very cool.

  2. Erik

    Great work on the video Barry!

  3. Susan

    Barry deserves a big round of applause for all his work making this production.

  4. Lauren C.

    SO cool! and of course I’m excited that it was Romance Languages making use of this technology.