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Zephyrs ‘bring it’ in the fitness quadrathalaon

pushupsThe Zephyrs took on the Summer Olympic Challenge quadrathalon on Wednesday and came home with a respectable third place finish. Susan started the event with a 500 meter row, Craig rocketed a 1.5 mile bike ride, Travis sped through a .5 mile run and to finish the event Prentice hit 50 pushups.

The rest of the team cheered our core team on and watched (amazed) at Prentice knock out 50 pushups as if he was warming up for a light workout.


5 Comments on ’Zephyrs ‘bring it’ in the fitness quadrathalaon‘

  1. Mary Beth

    Go Zephyrs! If your ears were ringing yesterday, it’s because I was talking about your awesome performances to everyone that I saw yesterday! You were amazing.

  2. Wanda

    Way to go!

  3. Mary R.


  4. Chris

    Great work!

  5. Lauren C.

    I’m impressed with you all! (and Prentice isn’t named armSTRONG for nothin’ — hee hee)