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The Things We Find in Our Trunks!

I unfolded one of the Hoffman posters this afternoon-wow! It was in 4 parts and takes up my entire office floor! This will be a preservation feat!

Gertrude Hoffman (1880-1955) was a well known dancer and choreographer, who was actually arrested for indecency in 1909 after dancing Salome in New York City. She danced on Broadway and in a variety of Vaudeville shows. Hoffman later developed her own troupe called The Hoffman Girls.

Gertrude Hoffman poster

3 Comments on ’The Things We Find in Our Trunks!‘

  1. gillkj

    I love it. I want to be invited to places where people come dressed like that. What is “The Russian Season”? A play, a review…?

  2. Julia

    If you haven’t dropped by to see this poster, you will be missing a real experience. The colors in the photograph don’t do it justice!!

  3. Susan Rix

    My aunt was one of the Hoffman Girl Dancers in the 1920’s. Would you have a poster from “A Night in Paris” they did at the Schubert Theater in New York City in 1926?
    I have some newspaper articles and pictures of the dancers as well.

    You may contact me at sjmcdowell@yahoo.com