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Like last time, we used group work to explore various instructional design models. This time, I adapted the approach to look at different models and to explore the topics more deeply. The models were: ADDIE, Fink’s Significant Learning Experiences, Design, and System Thinking. Here’s what we did:

  • I named the four topics and folks moved to the corners of the room for the topic they were most interested in.
  • Each group was given a book to start with, but continued searching online, to familiarize themselves with the model.
  • Specific instructions: 20 minutes (though we went just past 25 minutes) to define the model, dive deep into some aspect, and develop a presentation.
  • Each group presented their information and we had discussion around each topic.

My overarching goal for the day: to ensure everyone was exposed to some useful models that might help in creating their courses as well as to demonstrate the power of slightly structured group work and ownership of specific topics.

If you’re interested in the books, I’ve added basic bibliographic information on the readings page.

Bonus: a Prezi on Significant Learning!