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Preservation of the Gertrude Hoffman posters

Close-up of Japanese paper backing

Last fall, we uncovered a cache of posters in a trunk. I blogged about this material in our Special Collections blog in October. Gertrude Hoffman (1880-1955) was a dancer in the early 20th century who traveled internationally with her troupe of dancers called The Hoffman Girls. Gertrude Hoffman was married to Max Hoffman (1875-1963), a Vaudeville producer and music composer. These posters are brittle and having been folded inside a trunk for decades, are very fragile. The posters that happened to be in decent shape were encapsulated between sheets of mylar. we’ve encapsulated about 8 posters and still have one or two left to complete this project.
Encapsulated posters

One of the larger posters (6×9′) is a 4-panel affair. I’ve been slowly backing this monstrosity with a very thin Japanese paper to help it stay together and be somewhat accessible to patrons.

Poster backed with Japanese paper

This large poster is a beauty and must have attracted lots of attention on the side of a building in the 1920’s.

5 Comments on ’Preservation of the Gertrude Hoffman posters‘

  1. Audra

    Great photos and even greater preservation work!

  2. tedforme

    My dad will love this! Thanks so much!

  3. Mary Beth

    What a treasure. Thanks for sharing this Craig.

  4. Susan

    I can’t wait to see the end product! I know it will be fantastic.

  5. Charles

    Exceptional work as usual, you are the best!