At ZSR Library, we love it when someone in the Wake Forest community approaches us with a new idea on how to use our space. Music professor Louis Goldstein shared his plans to hold a month-long Cagefest to celebrate the 100th anniversary of John Cage‘s birth. Then he told us he’d love to kick it off with a Musicircus in the atrium. Musicircus was created by Cage in 1967 and is a musical event for any number of musicians to perform their individual work in the same place at the same time. What Dr. Goldstein was proposing for the atrium was a musical happening, and when it was held this past Friday on September 28, it was as advertised – “riotously fun”!

Watch the video to get a sense of the sounds and activities that unfolded in the atrium during Musicircus. As the music was played there was a festival-like atmosphere as dozens of listeners snacked on refreshments and roamed through the 3 levels where the performers were playing.

Read more details in this Winston-Salem Journal article about the event. And see images of the many performers as they contributed to create a “12-ring performance circus” in the Library! It was a most delightful use of the Library!