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Buildings & Roads of WFU: A Student Perspective

Bostwick Residence Hall

Did you ever wonder who Jasper Memory was? Or want to know more about Bostwick Residence Hall? We have got the online exhibit for you!

Special Collections & Archives is excited to releaseĀ Buildings & Roads of Wake Forest University: A Student Perspective on our University’s History. This project started last summer when John Walsh, Class of 2014, worked part-time in Special Collections. His charge was to research and write-up the history of how or why buildings and roads on campus were named. The result is an engaging narrative of the campus landmarks we see every day. Enthusiastically written and complemented by the photography of Ken Bennett, Special Collections & Archives hopes that students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors all utilize this exhibit to learn more about campus and have a little fun. Many thanks to Kevin Gilbertson and his expertise for putting this online exhibit together.

7 Comments on ’Buildings & Roads of WFU: A Student Perspective‘

  1. Hu Womack

    Rebecca, I’m on PTO today and I’m clearly going to spend my entire day following these links and learning about the buildings and roads of WFU! What an amazing project! Thanks for this post!

  2. Amanda

    What a great project — agree with Hu, will be spending some time today brushing up on my Wake history!

  3. Susan Smith

    This is really nice! It’s great to see the results of John’s research.

  4. Chelcie Rowell

    I *have* wondered who Jasper Memory was! Congrats to you, Kevin, and John on this amazing exhibit going live!

  5. Craig

    Useful, very, very useful-now and into the future! Thanks to you, John and Kevin for a great project.

  6. Tanya Zanish-Belcher

    Thanks John, we really appreciate it!

  7. Mary Beth

    This is really great stuff. Thanks all!