Apple iPad Usage Policy

Z. Smith Reynolds Library has purchased a number of Apple’s tablet computer, the iPad, for checkout to students, faculty, and staff of Wake Forest University. It is our intent in offering this service in respect to our mission, to help our faculty, students, and staff succeed. We envision these devices being used for the following benefits:

  • The exploration of new technology and it usefulness in academic pursuits
  • To provide access to technology that may be unavailable to individuals in our institution in order to promote innovative teaching and learning methods
  • To aid our students, faculty, and staff in understanding ever-changing technology and its role in academic, business, and personal life


Why can’t I download new apps to the iPad?

When our iPads go for checkout, they are removed from all iTunes accounts, and thus cannot download or update apps, free or otherwise. You are however welcome to create your own iTunes account and add as many apps as you like. If you find an app you think should be on our iPads, please contact the Coordinator for Multimedia and Digital Production Services.

What about my personal data (passwords, email, etc.) on the iPad?

The safest bet is to remove any personal information from the device before you return it to The Bridge. However, each iPad will be restored to a default load upon each check in, deleting all data and apps from the previous user. The Bridge is not responsible for anything you put or leave on our equipment.

Who can check out iPads?

Students, faculty, and staff of Wake Forest University. iPads will be available for check out from The Bridge in ZSR Library. We are located underneath the staircase in the Atrium, and are staffed whenever the library is open, excluding late night. (We are closed from 1am-8am Monday-Thursday; see library hours.)

How long can I keep an iPad?

Loan periods are up to seven (7) days. After three days, overdue notices will be sent to your WFU email and your account will be fined. Overdue fines will accrue at ten dollars ($10) a day for every day the item is late.

All the iPads are checked out, how can I get one?

Due to low quantities purchased, we cannot guarantee an iPad will be available when you come by. All equipment is checked out on a "first come, first serve" basis. If you have special circumstances or checkout needs, please contact the Coordinator for Multimedia and Digital Production Services.


All ZSR iPads have a basic suite of apps to try. Some include:

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