ZSRx: Lifelong Learning

ZSRx is an effort to bring lifelong learning opportunities to the greater Wake Forest community. These free online courses are designed to be informal ways to connect alumni, parents, and families to new skills and ideas in an interactive online learning environment.

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Current Courses

We’re currently busy developing other courses! Stay tuned.

In the meantime, see our previous courses.

Ideas for Future Courses

While we’re not developing these courses yet, we’re actively investigating the possibilities of creating courses on

  • Small Business Research
  • Consumer Health Literacy

If you have any comments or suggestions for future courses, please contact us.

Highlights from ZSRx

A New Online Experience

“I’ve been very impressed by the thoughtful comments from group members and the willingness to share and help others. This is a new online experience for me and I’m glad I am participating.”

A Place of Learning

“As an alumnus, it made me feel reconnected to WFU as a place of learning. As alumni, we can easily stay connected socially, but this sparked an excitement in that we could be students again and feel a part of the academia at our beloved school.”

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