Offsite Storage

Access to Offsite Materials

The ZSR Library currently stores about 145,000 volumes of its collection (primarily older bound journals and a small percentage of monographs) in Offsite Storage. When searching the online catalog, items that are in Offsite Storage will be identified in the location field as Offsite Storage. To request an item from Offsite Storage:

  1. Go to the library’s online catalog and search for the item.
  2. Click on the record that indicates "Z. Smith Reynolds Library Print Holdings."
  3. Journals and books with a location of "Offsite Storage" and with volume-specific "Request it here" links can be requested from Offsite Storage.
  4. Click on the "Request it here" link next to the volume needed.
  5. Log in with your WFU Username and WFU password.
  6. Fill out the Offsite Storage request form and click on the "Submit Request" button at the bottom of the page.

Please note:

  • Requests will be filed within 24 hours from when the request was placed Monday-Friday.
  • An electronic delivery notification will be sent to your email for the requested journal articles.
  • Books requested will be delivered to ZSR and a notification of availability will be sent to you so you can pick it up at ZSR. (Faculty and staff only may request office delivery.)

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