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Art, Music, Theatre, & Dance Kaeley McMahan (Ellen Daugman)
Business & Economics Mary Scanlon (Bob Hebert)
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, & Other Sciences Sarah Jeong (Mary Scanlon)
Communication & Film Studies Hubert Womack (Rosalind Tedford)
Education & Counseling Kyle Denlinger
Government Documents Rosalind Tedford (Meghan Webb)
History Rosalind Tedford (Ellen Daugman)
Languages & Linguistics Carol Cramer
Literature & the Humanities Ellen Daugman (Rosalind Tedford)
Philosophy James Harper (Ellen Daugman)
Politics & International Affairs Rosalind Tedford (Meghan Webb)
Psychology Rosalind Tedford
Religion & Divinity Kaeley McMahan
Sociology Hubert Womack (Meghan Webb)
Women's & Gender Studies Hubert Womack (Ellen Daugman)

(Alternate contacts in parentheses)

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