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10 Ways to Get Your Citation Game on Point with Zotero

Zotero is an amazing free tool for helping you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. Think of it as EasyBib on steroids. We at ZSR absolutely LOVE Zotero, so much so that we offer Zotero workshops all the time. Here are ten ways you can use Zotero to help you research like a... more

Course Reserves and Sakai: Better Together

Faculty, you already know and love the Course Reserves system for providing your students convenient access to book chapters and journal articles in ZSR collections. But did you know that you can provide your students one-click access to your electronic Course Reserves content through your Sakai course site? You can, and it’s awesome. Here’s how.... more

RootsMOOC for Genealogy Research

Since 2013, ZSR has been developing ZSRx, a platform of free online learning opportunities for the greater WFU community. The most recent ZSRx offering, RootsMOOC, launched on March 23 and is the most ambitious ZSRx initiative to date. The free course, which introduces the basics of genealogy research, was developed in collaboration with the State... more

Announcing RootsMOOC: A Free Online Genealogy Course

If you’re like me, researching your family history has been one of those fascinating pastimes that has always seemed just out of reach. There are about a million different places to start and just as many different ways to get overwhelmed. Without a little guidance, it’s easy to write off genealogy as one of those... more

ZSRx Tweets

Continuing in its ZSRx series of open, online courses for the Wake Forest community, the ZSR Library is excited to announce its newest course, ZSRx Tweets, a three-week guided exploration of Twitter, the popular social networking service. In this free course, Wake Forest Fellow Laura Chin will help you to get started with Twitter and... more

ZSRx Offers Online Course on Digital Publishing

In February, the Z. Smith Reynolds Library will offer a free, open, online course called ZSRx: Digital Publishing. This informal, three-week course will explore the “past, present and future perfect tenses” of e-books, self-publishing and the digital publishing landscape. Anyone interested in the intersection of books, technology and commerce will surely find this a fascinating... more

Search tip #23: Truncation!

Raise your hand if you’ve been here before: stuck in a library database, wondering why your search for articles about something like the role of computers in childhood development isn’t returning any really good results. Your search might look like this: computers childhood development Seems like a good search, right? Here’s the thing, though: if... more

ZSRx: The Open, Online Learning Community at Wake Forest

As previously announced, ZSRx: The Cure for the Common Web was a great success. Designed as a free, open, online course marketed to Wake Forest alumni and parents, hundreds in the WFU community enjoyed its close, personal learning experience. Based on this success, ZSRx will expand into a series of courses offered throughout the year.... more

ZSRx Mini-MOOC is a Great Success!

In March and April, the Z. Smith Reynolds Library conducted a successful mini-MOOC (massive, open, online course) for 700 Wake Forest University parents and alumni. ZSRx: The Cure for the Common Web was designed as a free, open, online course for the external Wake Forest University community. The course engaged participants in a fun, collaborative,... more

ZSRx: The MOOC that wasn’t a MOOC

Remember that time ZSR offered an online information literacy course? No, not that one. This one. The one we designed to be MOOC-like, free and open to anyone, focused on general web literacy skills, in the hopes that *maybe* 100 people would want to sign up. No? Well, let me tell you about it. Let’s... more

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