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Instruction at ZSR

One of the things that is challenging when someone leaves an organization is the loss of institutional memory. For that reason, I’m leaving this post, to remind you of all the many instructional resources you have available to support your teaching: Instruction website: This page has information about the program we offer–in person instruction, self... more

Got Questions? Get Answers. Ask.

This fall the Z. Smith Reynolds Library is unveiling it’s new reference service:! This website will enable you to get in touch with our friendly librarians in a number of ways: Across the top, you will find a bar that allows you to search our FAQ database. If you have a question that’s fairly... more

Search Tip #15: Quotation Marks!

Have you been there before, looking for that exact phrase, and finding related articles, but not the perfect one you know is there? We’ve all been there. And we know a lot of you have been there, too. In a recent usability study of our website, we found that many of our users either didn’t... more

LIB100 Template

Those directly involved with LIB100 are very familiar with our recent transition to a 1.5 credit hour course and the template that has been developing over the summer. However, I realize not everyone is so intimately involved, and wanted to let you know about the mammoth project conducted in the instruction unit this summer. Joy... more

It’s a TechXploration!

Wednesday afternoon was a time of TechXploration on campus. IS hosted a poster session event for people involved with the Summer Technology Grants over 2011 as well as other technology projects on campus. Kevin, Craig, Rebecca, Kaeley, and I went as part of our involvement with the Summer Technology Group. We made great strides towards... more

Lessons Learned from the Online LIB100 Pilot

The library offers a very popular and useful credit-based research class, LIB100: Accessing Information in the 21st Century. This elective supports students’ success at Wake Forest by teaching research skills, the use of library materials, ethical use of information and how to navigate the changing information environment. This fall, the library began exploring online education... more

Library folks reading books!

Today, Kaeley, Joy, Molly, Carolyn, Mary Beth, Kevin, Craig, and I got together to discuss Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing To Our Brains. We had enthusiastic and interesting conversations about the book, which broadened to address work, ethics, community values, and built on some of the discussion we had as a... more

Teaching Teaching in Spring 2012

Last week we wrapped up Teaching Teaching for the fall semester. It was a good review of content we had covered in the very first go around. We’ve since decided to make it a regularly occurring event, so I’ve been thinking about different types of content, different types of presentations, and new ways of sharing... more

Teaching LIB100 Online

Yesterday was the Online Forum in which I was able to share my lib100 class with interested faculty. It was a well attended session, with about 30 people at peek attendance, and we covered a wide range of topics. I expected to be asked to delve into my course to show some specific examples and... more

Learning Styles

This week we addressed Learning Styles. It’s a topic that I’ve grown more fond of over time. The major controversy amongst folks in higher ed is “should you adapt your teaching to learning styles?” Some research suggests it doesn’t make a big difference. Some suggests it really does. Some faculty will point out that once... more

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