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A Message from the Dean

This is the final issue of the ZSReads newsletter during my tenure as Dean of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library. It has been my honor to serve the information needs of the students, faculty and staff of the university for 11 years. There is no better academic library anywhere, thanks to the wonderful library faculty... more

Extreme Outreach: #bigdisrupt and Connections & Conversations

This has been the Year of Outreach at ZSR. We have tried a number of different modes of outreach, from ZSRx to Dean’s List Gala to the alternative break Staycation. The latest two outreach activities were very ambitious in scope: a campus-wide symposium on the future of higher education, dubbed The Big Disruption: The Coming... more

From the Suggestion Box: Front Desk Conversations

Please instruct the people working at the front desk to keep their conversation in check. I am studying/watching video lectures today (Saturday, March 15, 3-7 pm) at a computer on 4th floor today (with headphones on) and for 2 hour have heard loud talking and laughing from people working at the front desk on Floor... more


Welcome to the Business Information Commons at Farrell Hall! Since July 1, 2013, the Z. Smith Reynolds Library has become the source of library operations and services to the combined School of Business. The Info Commons is a digital library of the future, with no traditional print books or journals. However, the entire collection of... more

From Lauren Pressley

A Chapter Ends, A Chapter Begins Posted on February 24, 2013 by lauren pressley Tomorrow I start my new job, at a new library, so though I still have a few posts in the queue related to the work I had been doing, I wanted to write a post about what it was to work... more

From the Suggestion Box: High-Volume Printers

The library needs high-volume printers that are meant to handle the large daily volume. The current printers are well beyond their intended daily capacity and frequently break or charge students for unprinted pages. You are right. See my response to the previous comment. A new campus printer/copier contract is in the works. more

From the Suggestion Box: Higher Quality Printer

The library needs a higher quality printer that will relieve the stress of it breaking day after day We agree. The university’s procurement department is leading the effort on a new printing campus printer/copier contract, so we should expect to see new equipment relatively soon. more

From the Suggestion Box: New Subscription

I’d to suggest looking into acquiring an institutional subscription with Le Monde Diplomatique. I’d imagine it’s fairly common at major universities (it was where I did my undergrad). Furthermore it’s an invaluable scholarly resource in regards to current events and contemporary political analysis. I’d love to discuss further. The website is here: Thank you... more

From the Suggestion Box: Graduate Lounge Alarm

Instead of having an alarm for the Johnson Graduate Lounge (which disrupts the undergraduates studying when a foolish grad student walks throug h without using their keycard) what if the door were locked always unless you use a grad key card (like the dorms after hours). Just a suggestion! Thank you for your suggestion. I... more

From the Suggestion Box: Eight Floor Rattling

There is a rattling noise in the corner of the 8th floor of the library by the elevator. Someone came to fix it last semester after I complained 3 times, but it has started up again. We will call it in again. We are scheduled to replace the heating and cooling system on the 8th... more

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