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LIB200: Research Methods & Historical Topics

Interested in learning more about research methods in your major? Getting ready to work on an honors thesis? Thinking about going on to graduate school after you leave Wake Forest? ZSR’s advanced research courses could work for you!

Our LIB200 series offers both research methods and historical topics course.  The research methods courses provide instruction in advanced research techniques and resources that are specific to a particular discipline, while the historical topics course looks at the history and development of the book since 1400.

These 1.5 credit courses are open to declared majors and minors in appropriate departments.  For current course offerings, please consult WIN under the subject “Library Science.”

Research Methods Courses

LIB210: Social Science Research Sources & Strategies

This half-semester course provides students with an understanding of the sources and strategies necessary for doing research in the Social Sciences (Anthropology, Communication, Economics, Education, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies). In this course, students learn to design an effective research process for the Social Sciences, including crafting a research question, selecting search terms and applying advanced searching techniques in a variety of environments. Students also learn about the various disciplines of the Social Sciences, the interdisciplinarity of the Social Sciences and learn to recognize the various disciplines in any given topic within the Social Sciences. Additionally, students begin to participate in scholarly discussion of their discipline and gain a broad understanding of a wide variety of information sources and source types when doing Social Science research. Lastly, students become proficient in the use the APA citation style and citation management software.

LIB220: Science Research Sources & Strategies

LIB230: Business & Accounting Research Sources & Strategies

LIB235: Research Methods for Entrepreneurs

LIB250: Humanities Research Sources & Strategies

This half-semester course provides students with an understanding of the sources and strategies necessary for doing research in the various subjects of the Humanities (Literature, Classics, Religion, Art, Music, Theatre, Dance, Philosophy,and History). Topics covered will include: strategies for developing research projects, identification and evaluation of resources available in each discipline, and characteristics of humanistic scholarship and communication.

LIB290A: Introduction to Historical Research

Lib290A is a research methods class for history and other liberal arts majors. The course will focus on building basic skills for conducting historical research and includes guidance on locating, utilizing, and evaluating sources. Students will explore both primary sources (in both analog and digital form, such as diaries, letters, newspaper articles, photographs, government documents, and first hand accounts) and secondary materials (such as books and articles written by historians and devoted to the analysis and interpretation of historical events and evidence).

Historical Topics Course

LIB260: History of the Book, 1400-2000

LIB 260 introduces students to issues in the history of material texts in the West, from early modern manuscript culture through the beginnings of the digital age. Using materials from ZSR Library’s Rare Books Collection, students study books as material artifacts, as vehicles for text, and as social constructs. Class assignments may include research projects, brief response essays, and descriptive bibliographies, in addition to hands-on typesetting, printing, and bookbinding projects. Note: this class meets once weekly for the entire semester.

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