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Web Evaluation

Why Bother?

Before you begin to use the Internet for your research, answer the following questions.

  1. Is the resource or information likely to be found on the Internet?
  2. Where is the resource or information located on the Internet? And when you find something, then answer:
  3. Is the resource or information accurate, objective, current, thorough, and reliable? Remember, there are over 533 million people on the Internet (Computer Industry Almanac), and any of them can add (mis)information to the Web!

There are a number of guides to help you determine the validity and usefulness of information. Our favorites are listed below.

Evaluation Exercise

Use this printable checklist to help you evaluate a web site.

  1. Allergy, Asthma and Exercise Facts
  2. Basics Common Sense Business Management
  3. Cultural Citizenship and the Creation of European Identity
  4. Einstein: Image and Impact
  5. Environmental Impact of Dihydrogen Monoxide
  6. Field polarization and polarization charge distributions in plasmon resonant nanoparticles
  7. Genetics Privacy and Legislation
  8. History of the Arctic Refuge as it relates to Oil in Alaska
  9. Humanism and the Humanist Manifestos
  10. Inupiat Eskimos First, Best Environmentalists
  11. New Study Confirms the Safety and Efficacy of the Atkins Diet
  12. Role of Media in Tobacco Control
  13. Social Cost of Smoking
  14. Health Hazards of Tobacco: Some Facts

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