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Photocopies, scans, or other reproductions of Special Collections material are subject to the approval of the Special Collections staff. Requests for duplication of materials are evaluated on a case by case basis. A $50 Rush Fee will be applied for materials needed in less than a two week turnaround time

Requests may be denied if the material is restricted, if duplication would cause physical damage to the item, if the request would involve copyright infringement, or if the staff has any reason to believe that the patron will not comply with our use and citation requirements.

Duplication Costs


  • Standard: $1.00 per page
  • Oversize: $6.00 per page
  • Color: $6.00 per page


  • Scanned Photos: $1.00 for black/white laser print; $1.50 for color laser print
  • Photographic Prints: $7.00 for negative (Please note: reproduction fees for each photograph will include a negative, unless one already exists. The library will retain all negatives.)
  • B&W Photo Print: $6.00 for 8×10 print; $4.00 for 5×7 print
  • Color Photo Print: $8.50 for 8×10 print; $5.50 for 5×7 print

Microfilm Printouts

  • $2.00 per page


  • $1.00 per image (text page or photograph)* with a maximum of 25 pages

If you have any questions, please contact Special Collections & Archives at 336-758-6175.