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More on HathiTrust overlap

For those who are interested, here are some more data that focus on the location and date distribution of matched titles. Distribution of publication dates Distribution of location of matched books location_name count(location_name) Cambria Press 1 Director’s Office 1 Docs Librarian’s Office 1 ER Librarian’s Office 1 ITC Collection 1 Philosophy 1 Romance 1 TLC... more

How much overlap do we have with the HathiTrust?

Since ZSR library started looking at the HathiTrust as a potential source of out-of-copyright electronic texts people have been asking ‘how does our collection compare to HT?’ The short answer is (based on comparison of valid OCLC numbers) 366,800 out of 8.5 Million titles, or about 29% of our collection, slightly less than was recently... more