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Day 2: Models of Instructional Design

After an understanding of Instructional Design, we moved into talking about different models Instructional Designers use. As everyone indicated they had a high priority for learning more about active learning and group work, instead of a lecture (or even a facilitated discussion), we used groups to get to the content. The layout of the class... more

Day 1: ID In Practice

Each class, I’ll post something to let you know about the ID process on my end. This is the first of these posts. Since this was the first day, my main objective was to set the stage for the class and get to know the dynamics of the group: Make the goals and intentions of... more

Day 1: What is Instructional Design?

This morning kicked off the 15 week “class” in teaching for librarians. To make sure we are all on the same page, and to give a broad overview of the course, we started with a presentation introducing Instructional Design: The handout included the following: Frameworks for Instructional Design: Reality Process System Discipline Science Instructional Technology... more