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Learning Styles

This week we addressed Learning Styles. It’s a topic that I’ve grown more fond of over time. The major controversy amongst folks in higher ed is “should you adapt your teaching to learning styles?” Some research suggests it doesn’t make a big difference. Some suggests it really does. Some faculty will point out that once... more

Finding and Using Academic Videos for Your Class

Video is popular. Online video consumption is on the rise, and continues to gain popularity. How might this impact your academic life?

Day 5: Learning Styles / Multiple Intelligences

On day 5, we discussed learning styles and multiple intelligences. As there are many theories on both these issues, and both overlap, we spent the first 15 minutes discussing trends between the two, and how to incorporate activities for people with strong learning preferences in each category. From there, Roz took the helm, putting a... more


The next class is on different intelligences and learning styles. Roz and I will both be leading this session and would like for you all to take a learning styles inventory before hand. Roz will go over the results on Friday!