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USS Wake Forest Victory Pictures from Archives in Ask Sam

Last week we had an inquiry from Tim Clodfelter at the Winston-Salem Journal regarding the USS Wake Forest Victory ship. Someone had written in asking where to find photos of the war ship, and we just so happened to have them here. To get the full story of the ship, read the Ask Sam article.

Emerging Tech Talk: Google Books Settlement

Today’s Emerging Tech Talk was on the Google Books Settlement with a brief introduction to the Life Magazine Photo Archive that is now available through Google. I gave an image heavy presentation, so here is the bit about the Life (with extra notes slides): If you’re interested in searching for images, you can go to... more

Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Oh My!

This month’s emerging technologies talk was requested from several people: a discussion of some of the similarities and differences between popular photosharing sites. We were working with a limited time span, so we covered the three top contenders: Flickr, Picasa, and Facebook. If you’re interested in more information about current photosharing site, ReadWriteWeb has a... more