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ZSR on December 23: Not a Creature is Stirring?

Twas the day before holiday break and throughout ZSR, barely a creature was stirring, not near and not far! But if you are curious and know where to look you’ll find some activity in a cranny or nook. The Wilson Wing attic is full of metal and men constructing new air ducts to keep temperatures... more

What’s The Deafening Noise All About at ZSR???

Anyone who has tried to work or study in the ZSR the past several days can be commended for possessing great stamina! The noise has been deafening and the activity of all the construction workers has been evident in multiple locations throughout the building. Have you wondered what it’s all about? By now, our regulars... more

New Atrium Flooring Coming Your Way @ ZSR!

It’s almost time for the next phase of the ZSR Library Atrium renovation. You’ve seen the new windows in the Atrium. Next up is new flooring that will be installed during the semester break! If you follow ZSR activities, you may have read about this project in an early September post. On the day following... more

Construction/Renovation Update

If you have visited ZSR Library over the past few months, you must have noticed some construction activity going on. This report will provide an update on the three major projects that have been taking place recently: New Atrium Windows New and Replacement HVAC units for Special Collections and the 8th floor Preview and Testing... more

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Celebrates Library Renovations

L-R: Mike Lancaster, Director Lynn Sutton, Provost Tiefenthaler, President Hatch, Mark Williard An official ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at 11:30 a.m. Sept. 30 to celebrate the Summer 2008 renovations in Z. Smith Reynolds Library, including a new Starbucks, which opened September 22. James Alty, associate vice president for facilities and campus services, was the master... more