SMART Boards

The 10 study rooms in the ZSR Library are equipped with interactive white boards called SMART Boards™. SMART Boards allow users to not only navigate the computer via a pen or finger on the interactive whiteboard surface, but also draw or write, capture screenshots and capture movies of action on the desktop. For university-issued laptops, you’ll want to check if the SMART Board software is already installed. If not, follow the instructions below.

Note: All cables needed to operate the SMART Boards are available for checkout from the Circulation Desk.

Installing the SMART Board Software

  1. The software can be found at Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.
  2. Click the Add New Programs button, wait for the list of programs to appear and click SMARTBoard.
  3. Click the Add button and follow the instructions on the text file that opens.
  4. Follow the defaults in the install program, agree to the licensing agreement, click Next and Finish until complete.
  5. Do not attempt to register the software, simply click Finish.
  6. The SMART Board Tools will launch upon completion of the installation.

Registering the SMART Board Notebook Software Application

To save drawing files created on the SMART Board, users must save the file as an embedded object in a SMART Board enabled application like Microsoft Office, or they must save their work as a Notebook file with the SMART Board Notebook application.

To register the SMART Board Notebook application:

  • Go to Start > All Programs > SMART Technologies > Notebook Software > Notebook Software 10
  • On the screen that appears, click "Activate License"
  • Copy and paste NB-AEAS4-AINFU-IN7FF-6WCAC

SMART enabled applications will automatically launch the notebook software when a pen is picked up from the tray on the SMART Board, or users can launch the software manually at Start > All Programs > SMART Technologies > Notebook Software > Notebook Software 10.

Using the SMART Board Notebook Software Application

For instructions on using the Notebook software to save drawing files click the link to the 3 minute movie "Touch, Write, and Save 10" available from the SMART Board Training Center.

SMART Board Basics

Launching the SMART Board Tools

  • After installing the SMART Board software, the software can be found at: Start > All Programs > SMART Technologies > SMART Board Drivers > SMART Board Tools.
  • A SMART Board tool bar will appear after launching the SMART Board Tools.

Using the SMART Board Tools

  • For navigating, the SMART Board Tools are not required, but for drawing, capturing, screen shots and create video of screen activities, the SMART Board Tools and drivers are required.
  • The SMART Board tool bar contains the commonly used tools and includes a button for adding more tools.
  • To close the SMART Board tool bar, right-click the SMART Board icon (blue and white) in the system tray and click Exit.
  • Use the pen tools at the top to draw within a document. This will open the Aware Tools toolbar and let you save the drawing as an object inside the Office document.

Orienting the touch screen

  • Press the mouse and keyboard buttons on the SMART Board and follow the instructions to re-orient the touch screen.

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