During July 2007

Board Shear Blade Sharpened

How does one go about sharpening the blade of a board shear? Well it is not a simple matter of pulling out your whetstone, oiling it up, and having at it! The blade of our board shear is 45” long and is curved. Not only that, there is a 4 foot long metal plate that... more

Quiet Study Zones in the Library

The Z. Smith Reynolds Library has designated Levels 6, 7, & 8 for silent study. We hope this change enhances your ability to use the library and study in a quiet, productive environment. Questions or comments? Let us know what you think! more

From the Suggestion Box: Noise in the atrium

I like to study in the atrium and 4th floor of the Wilson wing. While I understand that the atrium is not exactly a silent area, it is so distracting when tours come through and the tour guide is literally shouting and people on the tour are taking pictures with flashes. Sometimes I can hear... more