During August 2020

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How to Reserve a Study Carrel

ZSR Library has decided to make all of the study carrels individually reservable, along with some of our formerly known as “group” study rooms. The rooms are reservable for a two hour maximum every day, and are meant to give students not only a place for individual study, but also a place where they can... Continue reading “How to Reserve a Study Carrel”

Sharing Our Digital Collections Metadata

Digitizing our collections and making them available via our online Digital Collections is a great way to broaden access to our unique collections physically housed in our Special Collections and Archives. Taking a step further to share our materials on other platforms helps expand access and discoverability even more. There are several organizations that partner... Continue reading “Sharing Our Digital Collections Metadata”

Jenny R. Puckett and Her New Book, Thine Ancient Days: A WFU History, 1818-1956

Jenny R. Puckett and her new book, Thine Ancient Days: A WFU History, 1818-1956 (In partnership with the Wake Forest Historical Museum) Jenny Robinson Puckett graduated from Wake Forest University in 1971. After completing the Master of Arts degree at Middlebury College, she taught Spanish for many years at the high school and college levels. ... Continue reading “Jenny R. Puckett and Her New Book, Thine Ancient Days: A WFU History, 1818-1956”

Genealogy in the Time of COVID

It seems like everyone’s favorite quarantine activity is genealogy. Since we were sequestered by Mother Nature in March, Special Collections & Archives has answered around 100 research questions. We typically don’t do research for our patrons, so at the beginning, our mantra was, “Please hold until the world returns to normal.” Most patrons were happy... Continue reading “Genealogy in the Time of COVID”

ZSR Fall Services Update

Like the rest of campus, your ZSR Library has worked hard to adapt our services to support your teaching and learning needs while keeping you safe. Please keep in mind these are our plans based on current conditions. Our operations may need to adapt and change based on campus policies and public health guidelines. Building... Continue reading “ZSR Fall Services Update”