As we look to the start of our spring semester on campus, we wanted to create some blog posts with reminders about ZSR operations and services. We hope these are helpful as we return to campus and classes get underway.

When it comes to accessing the physical materials in ZSR, the most important thing to know is that we want to get materials to you in whatever way works best, regardless of whether you are on campus or are working/living/studying remotely. Here are the current options for all students, faculty, and staff:

  • You Pull It: You can come into ZSR during open hours and browse our shelves and pull materials for check-out yourselves. Our building hours are always available from the ZSR Library Homepage (more reliable than Google as a place to see if we are open) and any changes to hours that might occur during the semester will be posted here.
  • We Pull It, You Pick it Up: You can request items using the ZSR Library Discovery Catalog, Primo, and and ZSR staff will pull them for you and leave them in the lockers in the 24-hour room at the front of the building. To do this simply click the “Request Via ZSR Delivers” link in the record to begin the request process. The lockers were at or near maximum capacity for most of the fall semester, so we do appreciate you coming to pick up your items as soon as you are able. There is currently a 10-day limit on the amount of time we can leave materials in these lockers, but we are getting additional lockers in February and so that time frame may be extended.
  • We Pull It and Mail It To You: All students, faculty, and staff can request materials through the catalog, Primo, and we will mail them to you via FedEx. The first question you will answer when you click the “Request Via ZSR Delivers” in the record is whether you want to pick up the item, or if you want it mailed. There is no charge for this and you can either mail the items back to us, or wait until you can come back onto campus to return them.

No Office Delivery for Spring 2021: What we cannot do right now is reinstate office delivery of materials for faculty and staff. Our efforts to keep student workers safe as well as limited access to classroom buildings and departmental office spaces makes this service impractical for spring. As soon as the university returns to more regular operations we will bring this service back.

As far as returning items to ZSR, you are welcome to bring them into the building and put them in the return slot in the circulation desk. We also have drop boxes in front of the library, behind Tribble hall, and off-campus at Deacon Place apartments on Long Drive. You can also mail items back to us if you prefer. We will continue to keep returned items in 48-hour quarantine this spring unless additional guidance comes down about best practices.

As always, ZSR is here to help you get what you need. Faculty with additional questions can always contact their library liaison, and students, faculty, and staff can email, or reach out to us via chat, text, or phone using the links on the ZSR Library Homepage.