Previous Ambassadors

  • Meredith Cairo

    Meredith Cairo

    I wanted to join the ZSR Ambassadors in order to help bring more awareness to the Wake Forest community about the many services that the ZSR offers, while also working on lengthening that list of services.

  • Michael Cydylo

    Michael Cydylo

    I want to help spark the change I wish to see in Wake Forest these next 4 years!

  • Jaime Fashimpaur

    Jaime Fashimpaur

    The ZSR is central to campus and the lives of students and I am so excited to have the chance to make a positive impact through the Ambassador Program!

  • Lauren Formica

    Lauren Formica

    ZSR is an integral part of Wake Forest and I wanted to be part of new group of students that supports all that ZSR does.

  • Koren Hardy

    Koren Hardy

    I love the library and the services it provides the students. As a part of the Ambassadors, I want to become a part of the library that is so important in my life and the lives of all Wake Forest students.

  • Emma Heulskamp

    Emma Heulskamp

    I love ZSR and all it has to offer to Wake students as well as the Winston-Salem community. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work with my fellow students in cultivating one of our campus’ strongest assets!

  • Natalie McKinney

    Natalie McKinney

    The Ambassadors program provides an awesome opportunity to get involved with my peers and help create new traditions to make our time at Wake even more memorable!

  • Hannah Norwood

    Hannah Norwood

    ZSR provides students with an abundance of resources and a study haven literally open 24/7. Being an ambassador gives me the opportunity make sure my fellow students here at Wake can fully appreciate and utilize everything that the library has to offer.

  • Martin Seng

    Martin Seng

    I love the ZSR because it provides a great environment to study and chat with friends. A class that I have really liked at Wake is African American Rhetoric taught by Dr. French. I like that class because it is fun and interesting and the class touches on a lot of controversial subjects.

  • Neil Upadhyay

    Neil Upadhyay

    I love the library because its a place where all students, regardless of academic pursuits or other outside interests, can get together and interact.

  • Justice Von Maur

    Von Maur

    I am thrilled to be a ZSR Ambassador and look forward to contributing original and innovative ideas to Wake’s most popular work space.

  • Emily West

    Emily West

    I love ZSR because it is my second home.