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Library Ambassadors

About the Program

ZSR Library Ambassadors is a student program that aims to create a fun, professional experience for students. The program enables students to develop their identity within a group and gain diverse professional skills.

ZSR Ambassadors not only promote the library’s mission and engage with fellow students, but they are ZSR advocates, reporting student needs to library administrators.

Meet the 2014-2015 ZSR Ambassadors

  • Isabella Basco

    Isabella Basco

    Junior from Memphis, Tennessee. Academic Interest: Communication and Spanish. Vice President pro-tem.

    Overall, the ZSR is the center of our academic experience at WFU, and I wanted to be part of this amazing group of ambassadors!

  • James Boswell

    James Boswell

    Sophomore from Atlanta, GA. Academic Interest: Mathematical Economics & English.

    I wanted to be a ZSR ambassador because I wanted to give back to a place that provides so much for the student body.

  • Madison Cairo

    Madison Cairo

    Senior from Statesville, NC. Academic Interest: Biochemistry. Ambassadors Vice President.

    I love the ZSR and wanted to help generate more events for the Wake Forest community.

  • Meredith Cairo

    Meredith Cairo

    Sophomore from Statesville, NC. Academic Interest: Psychology/Philosophy.

    I wanted to join the ZSR Ambassadors in order to help bring more awareness to the Wake Forest community about the many services that the ZSR offers, while also working on lengthening that list of services.

  • Katie Cavanaugh

    Katie Cavanaugh

    Junior from Cape Elizabeth, Maine (originally from Durham, NC). Academic Interest: Psychology and Spanish. Ambassadors Secretary.

    I want students to become more aware of all the resources ZSR has to offer. There is so much more here than a Starbucks and a place to study!

  • Michael Cydylo

    Michael Cydylo

    Sophomore from Trumbull, CT. Academic Interest: Spanish, pre-health track.

    I want to help spark the change I wish to see in Wake Forest these next 4 years!

  • Jaime Fashimpaur

    Jaime Fashimpaur

    First Year from Lexington, NC. Academic Interest: Art History.

    The ZSR is central to campus and the lives of students and I am so excited to have the chance to make a positive impact through the Ambassador Program!

  • Lauren Formica

    Lauren Formica

    Sophomore from Atlanta, GA. Academic Interest: Economics.

    ZSR is an integral part of Wake Forest and I wanted to be part of new group of students that supports all that ZSR does.

  • Megan Franks

    Megan Franks

    Senior from Kernersville, NC. Academic Interest: Psychology.

    I absolutely love the library and I am excited to help it flourish!

  • Heidi Gall

    Heidi Gall

    Senior from Kingsport, TN. Academic Interest: English and Psychology. Ambassadors President.

    The ZSR can be such a resource for students, but would benefit from increased communication between the student body and the staff. The program addresses that need, and I believe it will enhance not only the academic experience of Wake Forest students, but the social and cultural experiences as well.

  • Koren Hardy

    Koren Hardy

    Junior from Dobson, North Carolina. Academic Interest: History.

    I love the library and the services it provides the students. As a part of the Ambassadors, I want to become a part of the library that is so important in my life and the lives of all Wake Forest students.

  • Emma Heulskamp

    Emma Heulskamp

    Junior from Indianapolis, IN. Academic Interest: History, Pre-Law.

    I love ZSR and all it has to offer to Wake students as well as the Winston-Salem community. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work with my fellow students in cultivating one of our campus’ strongest assets!

  • Ania Kirollos

    Ania Kirollos

    Senior from Saranac Lake, New York. Academic Interest: Psychology.

    The library is a very important place for me when it comes to studying, which is why I want to get to know more about it, and help to improve it!

  • Natalie McKinney

    Natalie McKinney

    Junior from Gastonia, NC. Academic Interest: Sociology.

    The Ambassadors program provides an awesome opportunity to get involved with my peers and help create new traditions to make our time at Wake even more memorable!

  • Hannah Norwood

    Hannah Norwood

    Freshman from Charlotte, NC. Academic Interest: Anthropology & Art History.

    ZSR provides students with an abundance of resources and a study haven literally open 24/7. Being an ambassador gives me the opportunity make sure my fellow students here at Wake can fully appreciate and utilize everything that the library has to offer.

  • Neil Upadhyay

    Neil Upadhyay

    Junior from Palm Beach, FL. Academic Interest: Biology and Psychology.

    I love the library because its a place where all students, regardless of academic pursuits or other outside interests, can get together and interact.

  • Justice Von Maur

    Von Maur

    Sophomore from Nassau, Bahamas. Academic Interest: History.

    I am thrilled to be a ZSR Ambassador and look forward to contributing original and innovative ideas to Wake’s most popular work space.

  • Phillip Weinstein

    Phillip Weinstein

    Junior from Roslyn, NY. Academic Interest: Russian and Finance. President pro-tem.

    I enjoy the ability to meet people of similar interests through the many open space study areas we have!

  • Emily West

    Emily West

    Junior from Nags Head, NC. Academic Interest: Statistics.

    I love ZSR because it is my second home.

  • Jakala Williams

    Jakala Williams

    First Year from Lincolnton, NC. Academic Interest: Business.

    I love ZSR because of the abundance of resources provided and I want to be apart of “Wake Forest’s Google.” Student: I have no idea where to start? What should I do? Ha. I can just ZSR it.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 336-758-5475.