Library Values

The Z. Smith Reynolds Library is defined by its:

Friendliness and Caring

We value being friendly and strive to be the embodiment of approachability for the Wake Forest community.  We value and care about our colleagues in the library and about each individual at Wake Forest University.

Collaborative Spirit

We value collegiality and working together as a team. Our collaborations within the library, the larger Wake Forest community, and the field of librarianship help us reach higher levels of service, innovation, and impact on the campus and the profession.

Welcoming and Inclusive Place

We value the library as a place where everyone is welcome. We provide places where students, faculty and staff can gather and meet across disciplines. We provide spaces for the WFU community to host events and programs that engage and enrich the intellectual and cultural lives of the community.

The Z. Smith Reynolds Library values:

A Mission Focused on Success

We value progress and achievement in the Wake Forest community, and pledge to do all that we can to help our students, faculty and staff succeed. We celebrate success as a way to recognize quality work and to showcase and demonstrate the highest levels to which we all aspire.

Unparalleled Service

We value our community and seek to continually improve upon our role as information experts.

We value partnerships with faculty and staff across campus to enhance the University’s effectiveness. We continually strive to innovate and build new models of service to best meet the needs of our users.

The Quest for Knowledge

We value the quest for human knowledge in all its forms. We value the teaching and learning process by which knowledge is disseminated and acquired, and we value the creative process required to produce new thought.

The Z. Smith Reynolds Library aspires to live by these guiding principles:

Diversity and Inclusion

We value and appreciate differences: of opinion, perspective, culture, race, socioeconomic status, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender expression, and physical ability.

Innovation and Creativity

We value a culture of innovation and pledge to build a creative environment that allows us to explore new ideas, learn from failure, and continually re-envision what libraries can be.

Love of Learning

We are intellectually curious and expect to continue to learn, grow, and develop throughout our lives. We do this by reading, through engagement in professional development, by learning from each other, and through access to cultural activities. We seek to instill the appreciation for lifelong learning in all of our library users.