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On April 29th, I attended the Association of N.C. Health and Science Libraries (ANCHASL) Spring Meeting and a continuing education event on study design in Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) at Duke University Medical Library. This class was taught by Connie Schardt, Associate Director of Education Services and Public Services at Duke University Medical Center Library. She covered different types of study design including Case-Control Studies (retrospective), Cohort Studies (prospective), Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trials (efficacy of a treatment), Systematic Reviews (literature review) and Meta-Analysis (statistical analysis of multiple studies). Critical appraisal of the medical literature was also discussed as well as the importance of reducing bias in studies through randomization, concealed allocation, equitable treatment of groups, etc. This trip also brought back memories of studying and searching PubMed for lab reports in Duke Medical Library, and it was interesting to see how this library has changed since I was a student. Overall, this class on EBM was very informative and engaging.