Over the last three days, I was immersed in a 20-credit MLA continuing education course on systematic reviews at the University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Library with 26 other medical librarians and academic librarians from the West coast to the East coast. Although at first glance it may seem that the work of medical librarians and academic librarians are different, I’ve realized that our collective work overlaps in the sense that we support the educational mission of our institutions.

Class began every morning at 8:30am and ended in the evening, and I only had a spare moment to glimpse the beautiful¬†Cathedral of Learning lit up in the night sky. I returned last evening with many ideas for new content that I am excited to teach in my LIB220 online course. Many librarians are on the wait list for the next course to be held in the spring, and I’m grateful for the opportunity and support to learn best practices from seasoned experts in the field.