After serving the last five months on the planning committee with fellow STEM librarian colleagues from Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, & N.C. State, our hard work came to fruition on May 18th when around 40 STEM librarians and MLS students gathered together at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Davis Library for the STELLA(!) (Science, Technology & Engineering Library Leaders in Action) @NC Unconference with permission and in concert with the STELLA(!) Unconference at UC-Berkeley. Since I’ve worked as the science librarian at ZSR for 15 years, it was difficult for me early in my career to find networking opportunities with other academic science librarians in NC, so it was really great to be able to participate in deep discussions with like-minded colleagues about engaging with science faculty and graduate students in a meaningful way beyond surface-level conversations and issues we have in common such as the library’s role in working with the Open Science Framework.

I also participated in the STEM diversity breakout session, and I shared my teaching methodology on creating an inclusive learning environment from the first day of class all the way through the last day of class. I shared about my inspiration from the best teacher I ever had, my role model, and the reason why I became an LGBTQ ally.

A colleague recently asked me why do I keep pushing myself to improve my LIB220 science infolit course over the last 10 years and learn about new trends in science research at science conferences every year? The reason is simple. I have continually strived to inspire and empower the next generation of scientists to fulfill their potential to make the research community better. Pro Humanitate.