In-Person Instruction

Librarians at ZSR Library teach over a thousand students each year. We teach students through one-shot sessions in academic classes, in workshops, when embedded in classes across campus, or in our own information literacy courses. Listed below are the different ways we provide in-person instruction:

Credit-Based Classes

In our credit-based classes, students become familiar with the ZSR Library and its catalog, our online databases, and sources of good scholarly information on the web. Strong emphasis is given to learning to evaluate information to determine how appropriate it is for research and whether it is credible, scholarly information. Issues of copyright, plagiarism, and the impact of the Internet on research are also covered.

Courses are taught by library staff and are held in the ZSR Library 476 classroom (near the Reference Department on the 4th floor of the Wilson Wing). Just follow the ASK sign!


Each semester, ZSR Library teaches several sections of a 1.5-hour Information Literacy course entitled Academic Research & Information Issues (LIB100). The specifics of the class vary by instructors, but students learn to:

  • Select a topic
  • Locate reference materials, scholarly books, scholarly journal articles, and scholarly web sites relevant to their topic
  • Cite sources appropriately in either MLA or APA style

For more information, please see our LIB100 page.

LIB200 Series

Each semester, ZSR Library also teaches several sections of 1.5-hour, 200-level Information Literacy / Library Science courses.

  • LIB210: Social Science Research Sources and Strategies
  • LIB220: Science Research Sources and Strategies
  • LIB230: Business & Accountancy Research Sources and Strategies
  • LIB240: Humanities Research Sources and Strategies
  • LIB260: History of the Book 1500-2000

For more information, please see our LIB200 page.

In-Class Sessions

Subject specialist librarians offer instruction on the use and interpretation of library resources to class groups. These sessions can be just a 5-minute introduction to the library to several longer sessions focusing on a specific research project you’ve assigned. To request a session, please complete the Classroom Instruction Request form.

We will work with faculty to tailor a session to the specific needs of a course. We can explain research strategies and introduce reference sources that will be useful for an assigned project.

Because we all have busy schedules, please make your request at least two weeks in advance of your deadline. You will be contacted by a librarian to schedule the class. Be prepared to share your syllabus!

Embedded Librarians

Librarians can “embed” in your courses to provide research support throughout the semester. Embedded librarians can be members of your Sakai course to help answer discussion board questions and be available to students, or they can attend class to bring relevant resources to each session or provide research support as needs come up. Embedding takes a lot of time and involves a lot of collaboration with faculty. If you have interest in this, please contact your liaison to explore the possibility.

Library Tours

We are happy to offer orientation tours by appointment. Tour leaders point out the major service areas and collections of the library and briefly explain their functions. To schedule a tour, contact the Reference Services Coordinator, at 336-758-2648, or submit a tour request.

Technology Training

The library conducts technology instruction classes year-round in standard university software load applications among many other things. A current faculty & staff class schedule and student class schedule are available online. For more information, please contact Hubert Womack or call 336-758-4314.

Community Workshops

The librarians of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library are available to provide library tours and instructional classes to the community. To make a request, please complete and submit the Library Workshop and Tour Request form at least two weeks in advance of the date of the visit.

Due to a limited number of computer workstations and other space concerns, groups will be limited to 35 students. As a general rule, we do not schedule outside groups during peak times in the academic calendar, for example, midterms and finals. We request that when you bring a group to the library that an adult be present for every 25 students. Thank you for your cooperation.

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