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ZSRx: Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning for the Wake Forest Community

About the Program

ZSRx is an effort to bring lifelong learning opportunities to the greater Wake Forest community. These free online courses are designed to be informal ways to connect alumni, parents, and families to new skills and ideas in an interactive online learning environment.

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Current Courses

We’re currently busy developing other courses! Stay tuned.

Previous Courses

RootsMOOC: A Free Online Genealogy Course

If you’re like me, researching your family history has been one of those fascinating pastimes that has always seemed just out of reach. There are about a million different places to start and just as many different ways to get overwhelmed. Without a little guidance, it’s easy to write off genealogy as one of those projects that are just too big for one person.

We in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library wanted to change that. We wanted to convert hesitant researchers like me into knowledgeable, confident family historians. To do this, ZSR collaborated with the fantastic librarians at the State Library of North Carolina to create a free online genealogy course, RootsMOOC, which ran from March to May of 2015 and enrolled more than 4000 learners.

For more, visit bit.ly/RootsMOOC

ZSRx Tweets

Whether you’re a newcomer to Twitter or a longtime veteran of the Twitterverse, this fun, three-week course will engage you in a discussion of how to get started with Twitter and how we use the ubiquitous micro-blogging service in our personal and professional lives. No experience with Twitter is necessary!

ZSRx Digital Publishing

This informal, three-week online course will explore the “past, present, and future perfect tenses” of e-books, self-publishing, and the digital publishing landscape. Anyone interested in the intersection of books, technology, and commerce is sure to find this a fascinating exploration of the massive shift currently underway in the publishing world. As always, ZSRx courses are free and open to anyone in the Wake Forest community.

ZSRx Parents & Families: Deacon Development 101

This four-week online course for parents and families of Wake Forest students sought to bring participants to a fuller understanding of how this generation experiences their college years. The course explored how parents can help their students develop crucial skills like resilience and self-advocacy, and how students might develop greater awareness of their own identities. Participants interacted with student development experts on campus while learning about how students can reach their potential and find their niche on campus. This course officially concluded in November 2013. For more information and course resources, see A Parent’s Toolkit available online.

ZSRx: The Cure for the Common Web

ZSRx: The Cure for the Common Web, the very first ZSRx course, reached more than 700 alumni, parents, and family members. This four-week online course explored tools and techniques for using the web to increase productivity, search effectiveness, evaluation skills, and awareness of issues related to privacy on the web.

Ideas for Future Courses

While we’re not developing these courses yet, we’re actively investigating the possibilities of creating courses on

  • Small Business Research
  • Consumer Health Literacy

If you have any comments or suggestions for future courses, please contact us.

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