Digital Humanities Research

We can consult with you as you develop a digital humanities project that supports your research.

  • Need to discuss design elements of a project? We consult on issues of metadata as well as issues of copyright and fair use. We help to maintain common standards for your digital materials to ensure interoperability and the future-friendliness of your data.
  • Need somewhere to host a project? From simple websites, blogs, exhibits, and databases to more complex digital projects, we offer web hosting services, while giving you full access to your content.

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Case Studies in Digital Humanities Research

Humanities for the Environment

In August 2013 David Phillips (Associate Professor of Humanities) invited Chelcie to join the Web Team of the Humanities for the Environment project funded by the Mellon Foundation. The Humanities for the Environment project is animated by questions about the role of the humanities in the Age of the Anthropocene, a concept developed by scientist Paul Crutzen to identify a new era in which human activity is significantly reshaping the geological future of the planet. A major outcome of the project will be a portal that provides Web access to materials that engage questions related to the humanities and the environment in the Age of the Anthropocene — from syllabi and photographs to visualizations of ecological data. Chelcie’s role has been to consult about metadata as well as copyright and long-term preservation of materials contributed to the Humanities for the Environment portal. After the conclusion of the project, a selection of materials from the Web portal may be transferred to WakeSpace, the institutional repository of Wake Forest University.