Tribble Hall

Tribble Hall, the most curious and baffling of buildings (even to experienced upperclassmen). The layout of this building cannot be accurately described in writing. One just has to experience it. On a historical note, this academic building was named in honor of President Harold Tribble, the 10th president of Wake Forest. His time in office saw the completion of the “removal” (as some called it) to Winston-Salem, the planning for which was begun years prior to the hiring of Dr. Tribble. The building was completed in 1963 and made possible by a donation from Bernard W. Spilman, an alumnus. Tribble Hall houses many departments (English, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Women’s & Gender Studies, Classical Languages, Education, and the graduate level Counselling program) and the Wake Forest University Press. Regarding the man for which the building is named, Dr. Tribble was described as “stubborn, determined, and sensible.”

The move he orchestrated was unpopular amongst some faculty, alumni, and trustees, but he guided the college with exceptional skill. As one Wake Forest professor stated, “He was determined to do the job for which he was hired, and he persisted in the pursuit of his dream to accomplish university status for the College, despite many challenges and disputes that came with the territory.” His presidency saw the start of the Hankins and Carswell scholarship programs, arts and sciences graduate programs, endowment and enrollment increases, as well as the move from Wake Forest to Winston-Salem. Great accomplishments by a great man. Additionally, DeTamble Hall is located within Tribble Hall. This auditorium is named after a Winston-Salem businessman named Fred J. DeTamble.