Study Rooms

Need Some Help?

** Important: Reservations may not exceed 2 hours per day per person.

  1. Choose a day ›

  2. Choose a time ›

    1. Click, hold, and drag to highlight your selection.
    2. Click Reserve to make your reservation.
  3. Get a room.

    1. Fill out the form.
    2. Click Save.

How Do I...?

  • To see your reservations, log in and click ‘Your Reservations’ at the top of the page. Your reservations on the calendar are indicated as blue. Other reservations are gray.
  • To cancel a reservation, click the ‘Cancel reservation’ link.
  • To extend a reservation, select any adjacent half hours. Save changes.
  • To shorten a reservation, deselect each half hour. Save changes.
  • To move a reservation, drag & drop each reserved half hour. Save changes.
  • To see room information, hover over the room name in the reservation grid.

Note: You will be logged out after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Looking for the auditorium or classrooms in the library? See our Places & Spaces page. Interested in reserving a room in the library for a class or event? Please see our Room Reservation Policy.