Question #6

Plagiarism Tutorial

“The fact that cognitive diversity matters does not mean that if you assemble a group of diverse but thoroughly uninformed people, their collective wisdom will be smarter than an expert’s. But if you can assemble a diverse group of people who possess varying degrees of knowledge and insight, you’re better off entrusting it with major decisions rather than leaving them in the hands of one or two people, no matter how smart those people are.”

Surowiecki, James. The Wisdom of Crowds. Anchor Books, 2005.

Student Writing Sample

Even though cognitive diversity is important, it does not necessarily mean that the collective wisdom of a group of diverse but uninformed people will be better than the wisdom of an expert. However, if a large group possesses a diversity of knowledge and insight, then it is actually better to entrust it with making major decisions rather than leaving those decisions up to a few people—even a few experts.

Does this writing sample use the source correctly?