Annual Employee Awards

Awards & Qualifications

Employee of the Year Award

The Jill M. Tiefenthaler Employee of the Year Award will be awarded to an outstanding employee of the ZSR Library for continued exemplary service to its mission. The recipient will have exhibited exceptional job performance, attitude, and interpersonal working relationships within the library and/or the Wake Forest University community.

Unsung Hero/ine Award

Awarded to the person who has quietly, but consistently, demonstrated his/her commitment to helping ZSR students, faculty, and staff succeed. He/She may be less visible in the ZSR community due to being behind the scenes and/or out of the spotlight. This person is continuously both a real benefit to his/her colleagues and a stable and dependable resource for the ZSR Library.

Helping Hand Award

Awarded to the person who has gone out of his or her way to help a fellow ZSR Library employee in a unique situation of unusual stress. This concerns how the nominee went outside of normal work expectations in a specific instance for the benefit of the ZSR Library or the benefit of a specific employee in the particular situation.

Dedicated Deacon Awards

The Dedicated Deacon Awards provide immediate, informal recognition throughout the year. Through a simple web form, library faculty and staff can easily nominate colleagues who go above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis. Each person who is recognized gets a copy of their recognition and one is randomly drawn from the pool of Dedicated Deacons to be recognized publicly at the monthly staff meeting. All of the year’s Dedicated Deacon nominees are eligible to receive the annual overall Dedicated Deacon of the Year award.

Student Employee of the Year Award

Awarded to the student employee who has gone above and beyond expectations in providing excellent service to the ZSR Library.

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