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Human Rights T-Shirt Project in ZSR

Human rights T shirt project

You may have noticed lines of T-shirts hanging from the atrium railings. These shirts are part of a campus Human Rights project and will stay up through Wake the Library.

The Human Rights Clothesline Project, is sponsored by the Women’s and Gender Studies Program and organized by WGS 377B Human Rights: Theory and Practice students. The Human Rights Clothesline Project was designed to raise awareness to human rights abuses around the world and to help students understand how human rights treaties help to promote universal respect and fundamental freedoms.
Human rights T shirt project

3 Comments on ’Human Rights T-Shirt Project in ZSR‘

  1. Audra

    I was admiring these this morning. They are thought-provoking and inspiring…thanks for the information!

  2. Susan

    I love where you ended up hanging them, perfect place to showcase the exhibit!

  3. Erik

    Great project – I love to see the ZSR library used as a canvas for student work.