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Mural Repaired!

Those who use the East Entrance to ZSR behind Starbucks may have noticed that one of the student murals located there was damaged last semester when a door was slammed open and the handle punctured the wall. Facilities fixed the hole, (and put in door stoppers to prevent future damage) but the new drywall needed to be painted to match the mural. Due to time crunches at the end of the semester and other commitments, the art students who painted the mural were not able to repair it, so our own Craig Fansler rose to the challenge and used leftover paint to execute an amazing restoration of the mural! Thanks Craig! -Giz Womack

3 Comments on ’Mural Repaired!‘

  1. Mary Beth

    Great work, Craig. What a Michelangelo!

  2. Susan

    Craig is really something! What would we do without him?

  3. makaraef

    Looks great! Thanks Craig.