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ZSR Zone finishes the Biggest Winner (Summer Olympics)!

The ZSR Zone (formerly the Zephyrs) competed in another Biggest Winner (formerly Summer Olympics) and had a wonderful time! This year’s team was a hybrid Library and Bridge team made up of Felicia Bottoni, Anna Dulin, Tony Johnson, Molly Keener, Rebecca Petersen, and Rachel Weaver. Only one member had participated before so the team was unaware of what exactly they were getting into. Competitions included old favorites like bowling, inner-tube water polo, table tennis, and a field day. The majority of the points earned, however, were entirely based on the individual in an effort to reduce each person’s body mass index.

The Zone performed admirably, achieving a team BMI reduction of 10%!!! One individual went down 8%, but it is a team secret. The best parts about competing this year was to get away from our desks, to enjoy team work with members of ZSR we rarely work with, to meet new members of the WFU community, and to show ZSR’s spirit of competition and camaraderie. Thanks to the Zone, it was a great time.

4 Comments on ’ZSR Zone finishes the Biggest Winner (Summer Olympics)!‘

  1. Molly Keener

    Huge props to Rebecca for being a fun, inspirational team leader!! Go Zone!!

  2. Susan

    Congratulations to the Zone on a successful maiden outing to the staff Olympics. I guess my Olympic participation this time around was in passing the torch to a new enthusiastic group that represented ZSR/Bridge admirably.

  3. makaraef

    Congratulations team ZSR Zone! Your fortitude is admirable!

  4. Craig

    Congrats on a great team and a great season…keeping the power of Z alive! kudos all around!