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E-textbook for Information Literacy is Published

During the summer of 2011, a group of us formed to create an e-textbook for information literacy and received a STEP Grant from a group headed by Rick Matthews in IS. Our group, guided by Lauren Pressley, consisted of Kaeley McMahan, Rebecca Petersen, Audra Eagle Yun, Gretchen Edwards, Kevin Gilbertson, and Craig Fansler. We put out a call for authors to contribute chapters by creating a video. As a result, we received written contributions from Molly Keener, Mary Scanlon, Mary Beth Lock, Ellen Daugman, and Ellen Makaravage.

For most of the STEP grant recipients, the project was a finite period of time covering the summer of 2011. For our group of open-access technology (affectionately called Oats and Tea), this project lasted two years. Last year, we presented our work at TechXploration – which showcased our work to the larger university community. We wrote chapters for this book and conducted editorial review which took longer than we anticipated. Thanks to heroic efforts by Kevin Gilbertson and Lauren Pressley, this e-textbook is now published and ready to be used.

4 Comments on ’E-textbook for Information Literacy is Published‘

  1. Mary Beth

    Excellent! I’m looking forward to reading it all. Good work!

  2. Lauren Corbett

    And Carolyn will catalog it!

  3. Lynn

    Heroic accomplishment. Congratulations, all!

  4. Susan

    Looks great! Can’t wait to read it. Congratulations to you all.