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Pizza and a Movie @ ZSR!

On Saturday, November 30th, the ZSR Library hosted “Pizza and a Movie” for any students remaining on campus during the Thanksgiving break! This idea developed from Dean Sutton, based on feedback from students who were on campus over Thanksgiving last year and needed more services. ZSR opened on Friday and Saturday to help meet the study needs of our students, and we hosted “Pizza and a Movie” on Saturday night to give these students a study break. Dean Sutton arranged for ZSR to sponsor the event, and together with Sarah Jeong, Lauren Suffoletto, we arranged a screening of Marvel’s “The Avengers”, ordered a dozen pizzas from Papa John’s and bought sodas and cookies for the event. We had 34 people show up for pizza. 2/3 were undergraduate students, about 1/3 were graduate students. We also had a few staff attend as well. One of the Faculty Fellows, Allison McWilliams came with some of her first year students and Greg Moreau, from Residence Life and Housing came by to check it out and support the event! Fewer students stayed for the movie than expected. Now we know for next year that the food is the draw for this event!

4 Comments on ’Pizza and a Movie @ ZSR!‘

  1. Susan

    Excellent first attempt and you’ve found out information for future student needs over holidays!

  2. Lynn Sutton

    To the casual reader: please know that Hu gave me all the credit but he did all the work. Thanks, Hu and Lauren S. for giving this a try!

  3. Mary Beth

    I’m glad it went over well!

  4. Sandra McMullen

    Thank you ZSR staff for all you do to support our students!!