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Power of Open Access at work

Today, a faculty member made my day.

In August 2013, Dr. Peter D. Weigl, Research Professor of Biology, applied to our Open Access Fund, seeking support for an article on temperate mountain grasslands accepted for publication in Biological Reviews. He wanted to make is work available OA, as he knew that his research would be of interest to policy makers, conservationists, and others beyond the normal readership of the journal. His fund application met our criteria, and he was successfully funded by three departments at Wake Forest University: the Z. Smith Reynolds Library, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, and the Department of Biology. His article, “Temperate mountain grasslands: a climate-herbivore hypothesis for origins and persistence,” co-authored with Travis W. Knowles, was first published online last October.

This morning, Dr. Weigl stopped by my office to let me know that his hopes in publishing his article OA were realized: because his article was openly accessible, he has made new research connections, and been invited to speak, including at a symposium in Oxford. He thanked me for the library’s and University’s commitment to Open Access, and to his research.

This is why OA works.

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  1. Lynn Sutton

    And this is why we are glad to have you here, Molly!

  2. Molly Keener

    Thanks, Lynn!

  3. Kyle Denlinger

    License plate idea: OA4EVR

    Molly, thanks for sharing!

  4. Travis

    Thanks for posting.