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  • Dress Your Data for Success Webinar

    Tuesday, April 29, 2014, 2:00PM
    ZSR Library 256

    Live Webcast April 29, 2014 11 a.m. Pacific | 12:00 p.m. Mountain | 1:00 p.m. Central | 2:00 p.m. Eastern 90 minutes Description: Assessment has become a ubiquitous activity in all areas of librarianship, and a key component of assessment projects is effectively communicating data and outcomes to library administrators and stakeholders. However, many practicing librarians have had little to no formal training in data analysis and presentation. This live, interactive webcast focuses on data visualization strategies and best practices that will ensure clear and accurate communication of quantitative assessment results. The targeted audience includes library professionals who would like to maximize their effectiveness in presenting their assessment findings to library and institutional administrators and stakeholders. The presentation will provide an introductory overview of quantitative data visualization and will highlight selected best practices. Topics will include a summary of available visualization tools, tips on successfully leveraging color, and a few points relating to visual perception. Participants will be introduced to some of the key principles of graphical integrity and design promoted by major thinkers in the field, such as Edward Tufte and Stephen Few. A section of the presentation will be devoted display methods. Most of this discussion will focus on charts and graphs, but it will also cover when using a table is more advantageous. The scope of the chart discussion will include a description of the major chart types (bar, line, pie, scatter, etc.), their appropriate uses, and some areas where chart designers should remain vigilant lest they distort or obscure the data. The audience will be engaged through the interactive polling and chat features. For example, direct requests for audience feedback are planned for some of the points relating to perception, comparing chart types, and clean design practices. Learning Outcomes: Participants will be able to identify several best practices for data visualization.; Participants will be able to apply basic principles of color theory in the creation of their visualizations.; Participants will be able to understand the appropriate uses for the major chart types, select the best types to showcase their data, and avoid common charting pitfalls that distort the data.. Presenter(s): Tricia Clayton, Collection Services Librarian, Georgia State University

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Library Employee Association

The Library Employee Association exists to promote the welfare of the ZSR employees and the Library, and to provide organization for activities. As stated in their Employee Association Constitution & Bylaws, the Employee Association meets annually, with additional meetings convened as needed.

  • President – Barry Davis
  • Vice President – Wanda Brown
  • Treasurer – Ellen Makaravage
  • Secretary – Lauren Corbett

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