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New implementation of VuFind (VuFind 1.1)

The technology department has implemented the latest version of VuFind (VuFind 1.1) which is an upgraded version of our current VuFind (VuFind 1.0RC2). Although there were important back-end enhancements to VuFind 1.1, this blog post is going to discuss some of the new improvements that impact the front-end of the application. The new features include... more

New catalog reactions and status

It has been just over 2 weeks since we pulled the trigger and switched our catalog view over. We have gotten lots of great feedback and ideas for improvement and I thought I would take a moment to gather this feedback together and talk about next steps. General Impressions Comments from our patrons have varied... more

Vufind poised to go live Wednesday!

Over the last few weeks, Kevin, Jean-Paul and I have been finalizing the release of our Vufind implementation by working through the list of issues and observations submitted by library staff in our wiki. We were able to resolve many of the issues but did choose to hide/work around certain functions that had too many... more