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Lib100 and Webex pilot

A recent scheduling conflict required me to be out of the office for my first two Lib100 classes this semester. Rather than canceling them I decided to partner with our Cisco Fellow, Gretchen Edwards, to hold the classes online using a system called WebEx. WebEx is a real-time online collaboration tool that includes a suite... more

Teaching Teaching Wrap-Up

Today was the final day of the teaching teaching spring class. We’ve been at it since January, and we’ve held 14 sessions. We’ve had 14 hours (less the minutes early I left for committee meetings) to devote some serious time to coming together as a group to talk about our teaching and hopefully learn a... more

Teaching Teaching (or maybe it should have been Teaching Strategies… )

It occured to me that with the passing of spring break we’ve crossed the halfway point with our Teaching Teaching class! For those who are interested in what we’ve been doing, you can read up on it with our blog. If you’re interested in coming, feel free to drop in any Friday at 9:00 in... more

Day 8: Case Study Ideas

So we’ve done a lot lately! On day 6, Roz talked about teaching styles. Day 7 was a swap and share. Last week was spring break, which brings us to Day 8! I’m about to post all the standard class posts, but wanted to give space for sharing the case study ideas you might have... more

TLC Educational Technology Discussion Group

This year I have been able to do a little more work with the Teaching and Learning Center as their library liaison. This has been fun for me, and a good chance to look for opportunities where the library and the TLC can work together on projects that help both organizations with our missions. Today... more

Another Successful LIB100 Semester

Well, we are wrapping up another successful semester of LIB100 classes. We taught 10 classes this semester. That’s 137 students (24 Freshmen, 50 Sophomores 22 Juniors and 41 Seniors). A few classes branched out to use group projects for the final project, some of us even used Wikis! I taught EndNote Web to my classes... more