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Barry’s Week at Offsite Storage

Well, after a week of recuperation and thought, I decided to take a more creative approach to the description of my time working at the Offsite Storage facility. Everyone else has done a great job of relaying anything I could say in words in previous posts, so instead I will present my experiences in the form of a video clip and a quick tune that I hummed to myself pretty much the entire time I was down the road. Hopefully it will give you a smile on a quiet Friday afternoon!

First, if you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to go up in the fork lift with Scott, but didn’t want to leave the ground, never fear! Our very on ZSR eye in the sky is on the job!

Next, this tune popped into my head on day one, and I just couldn’t help but write down the words for all to see. I would have made this a video as well, but I can’t sing for beans. It goes to the tune of “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad,” and is entitled “I’ve Been Working Over at Offsite.”

I’ve Been Working Over at Offsite

I’ve been working over at Offsite,
all the live-long day.
Barcode, sort, and acession,
you all know the way.

Don’t ya hear the truck a-coming,
loaded all full of books?
Don’t ya see the selves are empty?
Come on, fold a box!

Come on, fold a box, come on fold a box,
Everyone fold a box-ox-ox!
Come on, fold a box, come on fold a box,
Everyone please fold a box!

Someones in the forklift with Scott,
Someones in the forklift I know-oo-oo-oo,
Someones in the forklift with Sco-ott…
Reading an old journal.

Sortin’ thesis, German, and dust,
thesis, German, du-uh-uh-ust!
Theis (DJ), German (DL), and du-ust!
Man, my back is sore!

5 Comments on ’Barry’s Week at Offsite Storage‘

  1. Susan

    Love it!

  2. Lynn

    Mary Beth: quick grab hold of Barry for the next incarnation of the Von Zak Family singers!

  3. Mary Beth

    Wow! Inspired to song AND video. This week made quite an impression. I think we’ll have to sing that song at the celebration when we finally put the last Data Chambers item on the shelf! You do good work Barry! In a myriad of ways!

  4. Katherine

    Life is so unfair! The German texts were the best part for me, and the Latin titled Science journals. Scott enlightened us all about Nemodalogia. World wide worms published by Germans in Latin! I mean what more do you need to expand your mental categories? Though the 200 Italian volumes dedicated to Cement held a certain intrigue.

  5. Audra

    Beautiful! It was a joy working with you a bit while I was offsite during your week. Wonderful lyrics!